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Although America is the nation which talks about democracy and human rights and claims that the main aim of its foreign policy is to increase freedom around the world..... the truth is totally different.

During and after the Cold War, the United States of America (and the USSR) has backed, created and maintained many dictatorships around the world. In fact, in some cases, it has stood against democracy.

America is the nation which only supports democracy when democracy supports it and supports tyranny when tyranny supports it.

The American constitution does not allow a foreign nation to interfere into its internal policies. It prevents any nation from giving any aid or money to any party.

But, America gets involved into the poor nations' policies legally and illegally, usually against the people's will. It has made governments collapse, and others to gain power. It has supported parties and guerrilla groups and fought against others. It has taken sides during Civil Wars, committing many massacres.

America and its puppet dictatorships have their hands covered in blood after imprisoning, torturing and massacring many people who were fighting for freedom.

Many of those American clients had the duties of following America's "wise" foreign and economic policies by privatizing, opening the markets to American goods and allowing their peoples to be exploited by western multi-national corporations to enhance poverty and help the rich.

There are some exceptions to this, however: "Democracy is permissible, even welcome, but again, as judged by outcome, not process." (SOURCE: Market Democracy in Neoliberal Order, by Noam Chomsky)

America has supported few democratic regimes in the Third World when it saw the this would achieve America's benefits: "The leading idea is revealed in the documents of USAID's democracy project, which stress that the U.S. supports "processes of democratic institutional reform that will further economic liberalization objectives" -- that is, entrenchment of the service role."

...the general public "must be put in its place," as Walter Lippmann explained in his progressive essays on democracy long ago. The "ignorant and meddlesome outsiders" are to be only "interested spectators of action," not "participants." Their sole "function" in a democracy is to choose periodically among the leadership class (elections). Also unspoken is the fact that the "responsible men" who manage the democratic society gain that status by virtue of their service to "the traditional structures of power." There is a very broad consensus in the intellectual community, and of course the business world, that the "ignorant and incapable mass of humanity" must not be allowed to disrupt policy formation (Woodrow Wilson's Secretary of State Robert Lansing), that planners must be "insulated" from politics, in World Bank lingo.

....The symbols of authority and violence stand in impudent mockery of the misery that lies below them -- "confirming the permanence of power, a reminder to the people of their smallness in regard to the state, a reminder to the executioners of the omnipotence of their chief," in the worlds of Haitian anthropologist Michel-Rolph Trouillot, expressing the logic of the Duvalierists, Papa Doc and Baby Doc, who ruled with brutal violence for 30 years. (SOURCE: Democracy Enhancement, Part II, by Noam Chomsky)

....when Mussolini won 99% of the vote in the March 1934 election, leading Roosevelt's State Department to conclude that the results "demonstrate incontestably the popularity of the Fascist regime" and of "that admirable Italian gentleman" who ran it, as Roosevelt described the dictator. These are among the many interesting facts that might be recalled as neo-Fascists now take their place openly in the political system that was reconstructed with their interests in mind as Italy was liberated by American forces 50 years ago. Curiously, all this escaped attention during the D-Day anniversary extravaganza, along with much else that is too enlightening. (SOURCE: Democracy Enhancement, Part II, by Noam Chomsky)

As always, human rights are understood in purely instrumental terms: as a weapon to be selectively deployed for power interests, nothing more.

There has not been a single revolution where the revolutionaries claim to fight for the benefit of the poor...............

There has not been a single revolution where the poor are the ones who lose ..where the poor are the oppressed.

The people of the third world wait for someone to come... for someone to solve their problems... they wait in vain... they wait for who can regain their pride... if they ever had any pride...

The people of the third world watch the events with some hope... if they have any hope... and wish for one life with no humiliation... for a life with no oppression... with some freedom... with some bread... if they ever had any bread

Here comes along the man... the hero of their dreams... and tanks spread in the streets... the people jump in joy... if they have any joy...

But then... the day comes... and the people are the people... the rich are the rich... the poor are the poor... and the man goes back home with his pockets full... the poor go back home and they find their pockets empty... if they ever had anything in their pockets....


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