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Nuclear Weapons against Iraqi children

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Nuclear Weapons in the Gulf War ............... ............... ............... ............... According to the Pentagon, 350 tonnes of depleted uranium, were used in the Gulf War. They got rid of their waste materials and dumped into the Gulf. They used the souls of hundreds of innocent civilians to see the affects. Lives were sold for the cheapest price. 

BabyThe number of cancer cases in southern Iraq per year has increased 5 times more after the Gulf War. 

350 tonnes of uranium would remain uranium radioactive for 45 billion years - 3 times as much as the age of the Universe!!! Not only will this generation suffer, but hundreds more will suffer in the future. 

The Iraqi government is too poor to try to deal with this catastrophe. The UN sanctions are not allowing it to survive! The price of a dozen of eggs is equivalent to half of the salary of a doctor. Can the Iraqi people treat themselves then?

Health Affects of Uranium:

After using nuclear weapons, they still remain radioactive. The radioactivity they release enters the soil, rivers, lakes, air and rain. The results of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Chernobyl have already showed the catastrophic long-term effects of these dishonourable weapons. This can cause many diseases to plants, animals and humans. Here is just a small list of the effects and diseases it can cause to humans:

3 fingersLeukaemia (blood cancer)

Lung cancer

Liver Cancer

Brain cancer

21 other types of cancer

Kidney failure

Severe Anaemia


Deformity to born babies 

Still births

Children become more stupid (lower IQ)



If any of the above symptoms affected only one person, then it will be transferred to 20 more generations and affect more than 2 million descendants of the person!

More dangerously, the genetic mutations are enough to kill or deform ALL of the future generations.

Nuclear Weapons used in Iraq:

Ibram Tanks M1 and M60

Dynamic Rockets 105 mm and 120 mm

Bradley Missiles 25 mm and 30 mm from Aeroplanes

Hawk Planes - A10

Ballistic Missiles

Dr. Christopher Besbey - Welsh Professor of Physical Chemistry:

350 tonnes of depleted uranium were left in Iraq. It is not that someone came to you and said: "Here, it's yours". But they transformed into sand and spread everywhere and killed many people.

Raymond Presto - Former Officer in the British Army:Face....?

I have seen it with my own eyes. It is not propaganda but cruelty and a crime against humanity. Moreover, there are sanctions against the Iraqis. Why?

Dr. Asaf Djurokavitch - Former Officer in the American Army:

Both uranium-235 and uranium-238 are radioactive. The age of the Universe is about 15 billion years. The number of years needed for 350 tonnes of depleted uranium to become unradioactive is 45 billion years!!!

Dr. Bahaa El Deen Maarouf - Expert in the field of Radiation Effects on the Environment:

We didn't only find uranium-238, we also found a very high concentration ofthorium-234 (which releases gamma rays). There was protactinium-234 and radium-226, which has a half-life of 1620 years. 

At first, the American government denied that they have used any nuclear weapons in the Gulf War. However, after a group of scientists proved that they were wrong, they claimed that nuclear weapons are not dangerous!!!

Dan Fahi - American Author of Don't Search- Don't Find:

I have a report issued by the American government, 6 months before the Gulf War. It shows that depleted uranium can cause severe health and environmental problems for both soldiers and civilians. 

Professor Frank Barnby - Designer of the British Atomic Bomb:

A gun kills its target and that's it. But with a nuclear weapon, the effect may last for billions of years. Innocent civilians may breathe in the radiation long after the war. 

Gerald Clarke - Director of the Uranium Research Centre in London:

There might be several unlucky individuals who received high levels of radiation. But the radiation spread out quickly after the war and most people were not affected.

Dogh Rokey - Former Officer in the US Army:

According to my advice, the American Ministry of Defence stated that no one should be within 50 metres from an object containing uranium. These were the orders of the American government itself. 

Dan Fahi - American Author of Don't Search- Don't Find:

These commands were not issued during the war. As a result, after the war many soldiers climbed destroyed buildings and objects to take photographs for memory, or to take some samples to perform tests on them. No one knew anything about depleted uranium.

The woman gave birth to 4 babies. 

They were all deformed....

They are all dead....

She just wishes to have one more baby... hear him saying "Mum" before she dies....

Dogh Rokey - Former Officer in the US Army:

We had the responsibility of cleaning up the damages caused by the war in Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The only phrase I could say after seeing the corpses was "Oh My God!"

Dan Fahi - American Author of Don't Search- Don't Find:

If you hold a nuclear weapon in your hand, nothing will happen to you. But when a nuclear weapons hits its target, reports from the US Army say that 10-70% of the uranium will burn and pollute the air surrounding the target. The particles of uranium oxide spread through the atmosphere and remain there forever.

Raymond Presto - Former Officer in the British Army:

I have a report from the British government which was written before the war. It said that it could be the last time that nuclear weapons would be used since the public opinion would put pressure on the government to stop using them if people found out.

This crime was not only committed in Iraq, it was also committed in Kosovo and Bosnio. Britain and America had decided to dump 10 more tonnes into this poor country. The people of Kosovo who were relieved by the help they had gained from the UK and the US, should not have trusted them.

Dr. Asaf Djurokavitch - Former Officer in the American Army:

Yes, it happened in Sarajevo (capital city of Bosnia) and the area surrounding it. I, personally, felt the spread of a gas with a strange smell. I asked that day, "Can this gas have an effect on the health of the people?" During the war itself, I did not notice an increase in cancer cases. However, after the war, I noticed an increase. The increase was not only in Sarajevo, but it was especially found in a city called Tozla.

Dr. Christopher Besbey - Welsh Professor of Physical Chemistry:

I have certainly no doubt in measuring the radioactivity level and its effects on health. What can I say more than that? It is a war crime!

Hanzfon Asponic - Former Humanity Official of the UN 1998-2000:

The time has come for banning the use of depleted uranium. It is cruel to use in any armed conflict. The people responsible for this crime should be punished severely because it was known that it would cause great dangers before the war started.

Dennis Haliday - Former Humanity Official of the UN 1997-1998:

The depth of the tragedy is that the price of punishing Iraq is the increase in the death of children and the destruction of adults. I am afraid that this is a deliberate policy from both Washington and London; and the Security Council which they have played with and controlled until we all came to this tragedy.

Caroline Locas -  Member of the European Parliament:

The responsibility of this government is to help the people over there to understand about these weapons and to prevent their spread. What we are doing with these people is an irresponsible act. It is not only because of the rapid spread of cancer, but it's also because of what will happen to the future generations of Iraq.

What do the British and Americans say?

They Minister of Defence of Britain says that it is aware of the Iraqi claims of the increase in diseases in this part of the world, including cancer and deformities. The American claim is no different. Both governments and their scientists claim that it is just propaganda from the Iraqi side. However, if you listen to non-government officials and free scientists, they have nothing to be scared of from telling the real truth.

Let's go to Iraq. Let's go to Mount. Daa. Another mountain to disappear. Let's try to take off the masks and reveal the truth. Maybe God will forgive us for forgetting that there are people around this world desperate for help.

Babies wake up their parents in a desperate attempt to express their pain. They cry out to say the unutterable words: "I want a doctor."

Dr. Mohsen Assoussy - Iraqi Doctor specialized in children's diseases:

These cases are extremely rare. But this could only be caused by this radiation. Pregnant women could be exposed to this radiation in the first few months of pregnancy. Iraq is now full of radiation.