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Nuclear Weapons against Iraqi children II

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Nuclear Weapons ............... ............... ............... ............... Ayat is just one of the victims of this crime. Her daughter is deformed. Her mother was pregnant when she was in Sabra, southern Iraq, where the Gulf War was fought.

Tareq Taha -  Father of Ayat:

The evidence for that is that before the birth by one month, she had severe anaemia. She now needs to perform an operation. It can't performed in Iraq because of the equipment. If she doesn't perform it, she might lose her eyesight and her skull will be affected. This might lead to death. God protects us from the future.

Dr. Hanan Ghaleb - Iraqi Doctor:

I tell you something - I am a mother. And any mother who is pregnant is terrified of the future. They afraid that the baby might be deformed. Terror is spreading through the mothers of Iraq, especially in Basra in southern Iraq. The first questions a mother asks after a birth is: "Is he alright? Are there any deformities?"

Another thing: when you see a child, you might be able to help him... to cure him. What will you do (or let's just say what will you feel) if you see a mother begging for help in front of you and the baby is bleeding like a flood? How do you feel when a child is dying in front of you and you can't do anything to help him? And the mother is asking for help and you have nothing in your hands to do!

Is the death of a child is something to ignore? Why is everyone not giving the slightest care to this massacre? Why do we behave like a teenager passing his father's funeral on his way to his friend's party? Why? Why?

This is the crime committed by the supporters of human rights. Which rights are they talking about? They have the most dreadful weapons ever created by mankind's devils! Which rights do those children have if they only live for a few years? A few months? A few days? A few seconds? The biggest enemies of human rights are humans themselves!

Dr. Christopher Besbey and members of the Aljazeera Channel decided to discover the truth for themselves. The Welsh scientist decided not to trust the Iraqi equipment, so he bought some from Britain. They all wore the radioactive suits and embarked the mission to discover the truth in Iraq.

Next to a tank, Dr. Christopher Besbey measured the radioactivity as 8.5 counts per second for both gamma rays and alpha particles at the same time. This was an extremely high rate of activity. 

Dr. Christopher Besbey - Welsh Professor of Physical Chemistry:

If we look at the link between radiation and these diseases, we will find that gamma rays spreads out quickly throughout the body and so its effect decreases. But this is wrong. We must look at alpha rather than gamma radiation. When a nuclear weapon hits its target, billions of particles of uranium oxide spreads through the air. If they are breathed into your body, then that means that the source of alpha radiation is inside your body.

From an area, which was only a few kilometres from the Kuwaiti borders, the rate of alpha particles was measured.

Dr. Christopher Besbey - Welsh Professor of Physical Chemistry:

The Geiger counter shows about 6.5 counts per second, only from alpha particles. The normal rate for alpha particles is one count per second, or even less, so this is an extremely high reading. It is the highest reading I have ever seen in my whole life! A missile is not dangerous at its present state. The danger begins when it burns since there are billions of uranium particles able to spread throughout the atmosphere.

Dr. Bahaa El Deen Maarouf - Expert in the field of Radiation Effects on the Environment:

If I have a gamma source of radiation, it will spread quickly and a Geiger counter (a machine which detects radiation) will detect it easily. But if I have an alpha source of radiation, and there is just a piece of paper covering it, the radiation will be blocked. For that reason, alpha radiation is hard to detect and Geiger counters need to be very sensitive.

These figures come from Iraqi doctors:

Number of people affected by tumours in Sabra:

June 1989 - 236

June 2000 - 1594

Increase in percentage = 575.24%

The number of people affected by cancer in Sabra increased 10 times since 1989.


Number of people affected by cancer in Sabra per 100,000:

1988 - 11 per 100,000

1999- 44 per 100,000

Increase in percentage = 300%

This means that the increase in cancer is not caused by the increase in population.

Dr. Abdel Menem Mahdi - Centre of Radiation and Nuclear Medicine in Iraq:

We have noticed several things in the past. The number of cancer cases, especially breast cancer, increased in young people. We also noticed that some cases, which were expected to respond to chemical or radiotherapy, began to be less effective. Also, the number of cancer diseases in the digestive system increased. Before, cancer in the colon was very rare but now colon cancer and other diseases became more common.

Dogh Rokey - Former Officer in the US Army:

When someone enters the war, his main aim is to destroy his enemy. Therefore he uses his best weapons - the nuclear weapons. He might tell you with arrogance, "Look! I have the strongest weapon of all time, so I have to use it. Now, you are telling me to return to using bows and arrows just because of human health and the environment! No, I won't!" This is totally vain and selfish act towards human health. 

Professor Hoerst Gontez - Nominated for winning the Noble Prize:

In 1991, I saw an extraordinary patient who had diseases in both the kidney and the liver. In March 1992, I saw children playing with these missiles and one of them died form blood cancer. Some of the wives of American soldiers gave birth to deformed children.

Dr. Hoda Saleh Mahdi - Iraqi Biologist:

Here is a picture of an American soldier with his son having one arm. Notice that his palm is attached to his chest. This soldier fought in the Gulf War. Here is another picture of a child born in Basra in approximately the same time as the war started. He has the same problem. His palm is also attached to his chest, he also has other deformities. But I want to say that this is evidence. Since the only link between these 2 cases is that both fathers were in the same place geographically in the same time. They have both been exposed to the same danger: depleted uranium. 

While a TV presenter was walking with Dr. Gawad Ali, an Iraqi consultant on cancer diseases, they saw a former Iraqi soldier who had lung cancer. The doctor had to tell the TV presenter in English, rather than Arabic so that soldier wouldn't understand, "To my expectations he will die possibly after a few months." How sad!

While they were walking throughout the hospital, some patients were asking the same desperate question, "What is my fate?". The doctor couldn't know what to say.

Hanzfon Asponic - Former Humanity Official of the UN 1998-2000:

Seeing this and understanding it created a feeling inside me that if I continued and both the British and American Ministries of Foreign Affairs knew that these policies were followed, then there could be no way that it was just. If my name was linked to this policy, I would have been a criminal and part of the problem. And this was what I didn't want to be.

This man, and many others, were being followed by the feeling of guilt. At the end, they said farewell to their colleagues and resigned from the bloody job in Iraq.

It is not only because we imposed sanctions that sacrificed the innocent side, but also because we sacrificed international law. We ignored it.

Dennis Haliday - Former Humanity Official of the UN 1997-1998:

The results seem to be terrifying. It is not only about thousands, but hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and millions who were exposed indirectly to a mixture of poisons. But the depleted uranium is a unique poison because it managed to reach the soil, agricultural systems and vegetable roots grown in Iraq and consumed in most parts of the world.

The figures I have seen in Basra and Baghdad, explained that the increase in cancer cases, especially amongst children, and the rare types of deformities, were unbelievable. And there is no indication to that except the use of nuclear weapons.

Ali Saleh Al Mehdi - Engineer in the Baghdad Centre for Protecting the Environment:

Even after removing 58% of the surface water in Iraq, studies and analyses have showed that there are still high concentrations of alpha radiation in plant and animal tissues.

Dr. Asaf Djurokavitch - Former Officer in the American Army:

Depleted uranium travels freely from one country to the other with the help of the winds which can carry radioactive particles easily. Any place in the Gulf where there are winds or storms has a possibility of being contaminated and that its people have relatively high concentrations of uranium in their bodies.

Dan Fahi - American Author of Don't Search- Don't Find:

The American Ministry of Defence warned the Kuwaiti government from the Iraqi tanks (which were destroyed by nuclear weapons). Three years later, the Kuwaiti government hired a company to move them to an area in western Kuwait. Officials from the American army measured the rate of radioactivity and advised people not to get near it.

Dogh Rokey - Former Officer in the US Army:

We have written advices to the American Ministry of Defence, which has given it to the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This in turn gave it to the Kuwaiti government. The Ameer of Kuwait hired 2 American companies (Brown & Rod from Texas and CNS International from Florida) to clean the area from uranium. Despite the great effort, our plans were not followed. Neither did the companies try to clean Iraq. The other plans which were written in 1994 and 1995, when I was head of the project, weren't also followed.

Dr. Christopher Besbey - Welsh Professor of Physical Chemistry:

In this way, the uranium particles could spread to the UK and around the world. Here in Britain, we sometimes see red sand on cars during rain and when it was analyzed, it appeared that it came from the Sahara Desert. No one lives alone in this world. The rains have killed some children here after the Chernobyl crisis. Especially deserted areas, where there is little rain which could fix the depleted uranium to the ground, depleted uranium could travel for thousands of miles. This will happen. It will happen.

Mark Brown - Department of Medical Service to Former Soldiers:

They have cleaned the tanks and buried and covered them safely in Saudi Arabia. Some where sent to North Carolina and the US government spent 4 million dollars to clean them.

Dogh Rokey - Former Officer in the US Army:

The US government spent millions of dollars to clean 24 tanks which came from Saudi Arabia. How could a middle-class Iraqi citizen clean thousands of tanks totally destroyed in his own country?

Dr. Asaf Djurokavitch - Former Officer in the American Army:

The Iraqi government has nothing to do but to resign itself from the duties of the Gulf War. Simply, it can't return the country to its original state. In my opinion, this duty falls on all of humanity to co-operate internationally to aid the civilian victims of this conflict. I say that without any political devotion, but devotion to justice.

I will tell you a story. It is about Alexander the Great who was travelling to Egypt with his fleet. He caught a pirate in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and sentenced him to death. But before the sentenced was carried out, Alexander, who was a fair Emperor, asked the pirate a question in Latin, "With what authority do you put the sea in danger?" The pirate answered him, "With the same authority which you have. But you do it with a fleet of ships and they call you an Emperor. I do it with a small ship and they call me a pirate. That's my answer."

Dogh Rokey - Former Officer in the US Army:

It is not only betrayal towards me, but it is betrayal to our nation and to the militarians, and to the civilians of the world. It is a crime against God.

Today, we have to deal with the consequences of using depleted uranium. And the consequences are negative effects on the human health and environment. Simply, we should ban the use of uranium forever, forever and forever! We should provide medical service to those who were affected. We should provide devices for medical protection. And complete the removal and cleaning of all the polluted areas. It is simply a duty of obedience in front of God.

The Kuwaiti people would not accept the death of one person from its own land after one century just because it was an inevitable consequence for liberating their country.

No one would accept such a crime against his own country.

The Americans have punished the Pakistanis and Indians for performing peaceful nuclear tests on their own soil.

Who would speak up to America and Britain for sacrificing innocent babies using deliberate nuclear weapons?

Is this the price of freedom?

Is this the price of democracy?

Is this the price of getting rid of dictatorship?

If that is true, then we should prefer to be chained and tortured then to ask those kind criminals to give us any help.

This weapon should be destroyed before it would destroy us.

Once Einstein was asked, "How do you think the fighting in World War III would be?"

He replied, "I don't know but I know that World War 4 would be fought using bows and arrows."

And while we are waiting for the never coming day when those who punish us are punished and when the destroyer is destroyed... all we could do is to say, "God bless the victims."