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World Timeline IV

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bullet1801:- Battle of Copenhagen 
bullet1802:- Beethoven becomes deaf
bullet1803:- The USA doubles in size by buying land from France (the Louisiana Purchase)
bullet1804:- Haiti becomes the first free state in the Caribbean 
bullet1804:- Napoleon crowns himself Emperor
bullet1804:- The first steam locomotive is built in Wales 
bullet1805:- Lord Horatio Nelson wins the Battle of Trafalgar 
bullet1806:- Birth of Isambard Kingdom Brunel
bullet1807:- Napoleon Bonaparte builds the largest empire since Roman times 
bullet1809:- Birth of Charles Darwin
bullet1809:- Birth of Abraham Lincoln 
bullet1812:- Birth of Charles Dickens
bullet1812:- Napoleon makes a big mistake: he invades Russia 
bullet1813:- Birth of David Livingstone 
bullet1814:- Napoleon loses the Battle of Leipzig and is exiled to the island of Elba 
bullet1815:- Battle of Waterloo
bullet1818:- Birth of Karl Marx 
bullet1819:- Birth of Queen Victoria 
bullet1821:- Napoleon dies in the island of St. Helena in the south Atlantic
bullet1822:- Birth of Louis Pasteur 
bullet1823:- In the Monroe Doctrine, President James Monroe warned Europeans against interfering in the affairs of any country in the Western Hemisphere.
bullet1825:- Railways first used for carrying passengers 
bullet1826:- Invention of the camera by Frenchman Joseph Neipce
bullet1826:- Faraday starts the famous Royal Institution lectures 
bullet1827:- Beethoven, who wrote 9 symphonies only, dies
bullet1828:- Arthur Wellesley Wellington becomes Prime Minister of England 
bullet1833:- End of slavery in the British empire 
bullet1837:- Victoria becomes Queen of England 
bullet1840:- Birth of Piotr Tchaikovsky 
bullet1843:- Great Britain, the first transatlantic steamship, is designed by Brunel
bullet1843:- Great Comet, the longest comet ever seen, 330 million km long
bullet1848:- Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels write "The Communist Manifesto"
bullet1848:- Death of George Stephenson 
bullet1850:- Death of Williams Wordsworth 
bullet1851:- Great Exhibition in London
bullet1851:- Death of Joseph Turner 
bullet1852:- Death of Arthur Wellington 
bullet1853:- Birth of Vincent van Gogh
bullet1854:- Start of the Crimean War
bullet1856:- End of the Crimean War
bullet1856:- Pasteur discovers pasteurization 
bullet1859:- Death of Isambard Kingdom Brunel
bullet1859:- The Origin of Species written by Darwin causes an uproar 
bullet1860:- First woman doctor begins work in England 
bullet1861:- Discovery of Arachaeopteryx (the earliest known fossil of a bird) in Germany
bullet1861:- American Civil War between the North and South begins
bullet1861:- William Booth forms the Salvation Army
bullet1863:- Rules of modern football are written
bullet1863:- Piotr Tchaikovsky becomes a musician
bullet1864:- The Red Cross is set up
bullet1865:- 500,000 people died by the end of the American Civil War
bullet1865:- Abraham Lincoln assassinated 
bullet1865:- End of slavery in America 
bullet1867:- Workers in towns get the right to vote 
bullet1867:- Birth of Marie Curie
bullet1867:- Death of Michael Faraday 
bullet1867:- The USA purchases Alaska from Russia.
bullet1869:- Birth of Mohandas Gandhi 
bullet1870:- Charles Dickens dies of a stroke
bullet1870:- Unification of Germany and Italy
bullet1870:- Birth of Lenin or Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov 
bullet1870-1890:- The last Native American tribes were defeated by government forces and pushed onto reservations.
bullet1872:- FA Cup first played
bullet1873:- Death of David Livingstone 
bullet1874:- Birth of Winston Churchill
bullet1874:- American football is founded 
bullet1875:- Public Health Act 
bullet1876:- Invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell 
bullet1879:- Birth of Albert Einstein
bullet1881:- Birth of Pablo Picasso 
bullet1882:- Death of Darwin
bullet1883:- Quagga becomes extinct 
bullet1883:- Mount Karakatau, in Indonesia, erupts; 4 islands disappear; the volcanic eruption is heard by people in Australia
bullet1883:- Karl Marx dies while writing Dos Capital (Capital)
bullet1884:- Workers in Britain get the vote 
bullet1888:- Air-filled tyres for bicycles are introduced
bullet1890:- Vincent van Gough commits suicide. The paintings of the Dutch artist now cost millions of pounds 
bullet1893:- Birth of Mao Zedong 
bullet1893:- Death of Piotr Tchaikovsky 
bullet1895:- Death of Louis Pasteur 
bullet1897:- Bram Stoker writes Dracula
bullet1899:- The beginning of the Boer War