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World Timeline V

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bullet1901:- The first vacuum cleaners are made, which were pulled by horses and parked outside people's homes
bullet1901:- Death of Queen Victoria 
bullet1902:- The end of the Boer War
bullet1906:- San Francisco earthquake
bullet1907:- Henry Ford begins mass production and produces a cheap reliable car, the Model T
bullet1912:- The last Chinese emperor, Pu Yi, is overthrown
bullet1914:- Passenger pigeon becomes extinct
bullet1914:- World War I begins
bullet1917:- Tsar is assassinated; Russian Revolution; Russia becomes communist 
bullet1918:- World War I ends
bullet1918:- Carolina parakeet becomes extinct
bullet1919:- Treaty of Versailles
bullet1919:- Prohibition begins in America by abolishing alcohol
bullet1920:- Treaty of Sevres
bullet1920:- First regular public broadcasting 
bullet1920:- Women gained the right to vote in the USA.
bullet1921:- Einstein wins the Physics Noble Prize
bullet1921:- Formation of Northern Ireland 
bullet1921:- Mao Zedong joins the communist party in China
bullet1921:- Hitler becomes leader of the NDSAP or the Nazi party
bullet1922:- Mussolini comes to power; Italy becomes the first fascist country
bullet1922:- 4 countries form the USSR
bullet1923:- Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler goes to jail
bullet1924:- Death of Lenin 
bullet1924:- Hitler gains popularity after writing "Mein Kampf" (My Struggle) 
bullet1925:- Birth of Margaret Thatcher 
bullet1926:- Birth of Elizabeth II
bullet1929:- Birth of Martin Luther King
bullet1929:- Stalin comes to power
bullet1929:- The "Great Crash" in Wall Street 
bullet1930:- First World Cup, held in Uruguay
bullet1933:- Prohibition ends because of gangsterism
bullet1933:- Hitler becomes Chancellor 
bullet1934:- Mao Zedong leads the communist party on the "Long March" of nearly 10,000km after being attacked 
bullet1934:- Death of Marie Curie from radiation and cancer
bullet1934:- Hitler becomes Fuhrer and passes the Enabling Act to become a dictator
bullet1936:- Tasmanian wolf becomes extinct 
bullet1936:- Mussolini invades Abyssinia (now called Ethiopia)
bullet1937:- The first jet engine is tested by Frank Whittle 
bullet1937:- Invention of the first practical helicopter, Focke Fa-61, in Germany
bullet1938:- Hitler invades Austria and Sudetenland (in Czechoslovakia) 
bullet1939:- World War II begins
bullet1940:- Churchill becomes Prime Minister
bullet1940:- Russia forces Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to join the USSR 
bullet1941:- Final Solution begins: Hitler begins to execute Jews, gypsies and other ethnic minorities in death camps
bullet1942:- The German V2 war rocket is the first rocket powerful enough to reach space
bullet1945:- World War II ends
bullet1946:- Italy gets rid of its King, Victor Emmanuel, after a vote 
bullet1947:- India and Pakistan become independent 
bullet1947:- American Edwin Land invents a camera, which produces instant photos 
bullet1948:- Establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine; Israel 
bullet1949:- Chinese Revolution; China becomes communist
bullet1949:- The USSR becomes a nuclear power 
bullet1949:- Irish Republic is set up
bullet1950:- North Korea invades South Korea; beginning of the Korean War 
bullet1951:- The first colour TV programme transmitted in the USA 
bullet1952:- King George VI dies and Elizabeth II becomes Queen
bullet1952:- Egypt becomes a Republic
bullet1953:- Mount Everest is climbed
bullet1953:- The Korean War ends with about 5 million people dead
bullet1953:- Death of Stalin
bullet1954:- North Vietnam invades South Vietnam; beginning of the Vietnam War 
bullet1955:- Death of Albert Einstein
bullet1956:- Suez Crisis
bullet1957:- 6 countries sign the Treaty of Rome to form the European Community
bullet1959:- Margaret Thatcher becomes a member of Parliament
bullet1961:- Yuri Gagarin becomes the first astronaut in space
bullet1964:- The Civil Rights Bill in American ends racism 
bullet1964:- America helps South Vietnam 
bullet1965:- Death of Winston Churchill
bullet1967: Israel invades South Lebanon, Golan Heights and Sinai in the 6 Day War
bullet1968:- Assassination of Martin Luther King
bullet1969:- America becomes the first nation to send astronauts to the moon and Neil Armstrong becomes the first person to land on the moon
bullet1971:- East Pakistan becomes Bangladesh
bullet1973:- Yom Kippur or 6th of October War
bullet1973:- Death of Picasso 
bullet1973:- America leaves the Vietnam War 
bullet1974:- Mariner 10 takes photographs of Mercury 
bullet1975:- Margaret Thatcher becomes leader of the Conservative Party 
bullet1975:- A church, the heaviest load ever moved, is transported in Czechoslovakia in a 4 week journey in a distance of 730 m only!
bullet1975:- Civil War in Ethiopia begins
bullet1976:- Viking probe lands on Mars 
bullet1976:- North Vietnam unites with South Vietnam  
bullet1976:- Death of Mao Zedong 
bullet1979:- Iranian Revolution, the last shah, Reza Mohammed Shah Pahlavi, is overthrown
bullet1979:- Margaret Thatcher becomes the first female Prime Minister 
bullet1982:- Argentina fights against Britain in a ten week war over he Falkland Islands and loses 655 lives
bullet1983:- Richard Noble reaches a record speed of 1,019 km/h (633 mph) in a jet powered car
bullet1985:- Mikhail Gorbachev comes to power in Russia and allows democratic elections 
bullet1987:- Richard Branson and Per Lindstrand make the first transatlantic flight with an air balloon
bullet1989:- San Francisco earthquake  
bullet1990:- East and West Germany reunited 
bullet1990:- Margaret Thatcher resigns
bullet1990:- Fastest train in the world, the French TGV, 518 km/h (322 mph)
bullet1990:- Iraq invades Kuwait
bullet1991:- Slovenia and Croatia leave Yugoslavia 
bullet1991:- The Gulf War
bullet1991:- End of the USSR
bullet1991:- Civil War in Ethiopia ends
bullet1992:- Czechoslovakia splits into 2 countries 
bullet1992:- Civil War in Yugoslavia 
bullet1993:- Channel Tunnel opens
bullet1997:- Hong Kong becomes part of China