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Did you know?

"You don't inherit land from your ancestors but you borrow it from your children."

Native American saying
"Absence of proof is not proof of absence."

"Not everyone has the right to live, but everyone has the right to die."

"Long ago, people used to live to work, now people work to live."

Japanese saying
"Foreign aid is when poor people in a rich country give money to rich people in a poor country."

"On the tombs of many people it's written, 'Died at the age of 30, buried at the age of 60!"

"Love has a Value for men and a Price for women."

"Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence."

Manly's Maxim
"Sanatoriums are places for people who failed to change their brains and personalities and graveyards are places for people who succeeded."
Anees Mansour
"No matter how long or hard you shop for an item, after you've bought it, it will be on sale somewhere cheaper."
Lewis' Law
"It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious."
Murphy's Corollary
"If this world was ruled by wise people and not by politicians, everything they would said would have been correct."
Ahmed Bahgat
"Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value."
Murphy's Constant
"The chance of the bread falling with the butter side down is directly proportional to the value of the carpet."
Etorre's Observation
A new world of law, where the strong are just and the weak secure and the peace preserved.....this will not be finished in the first 100 days. Nor will it be finished in the first 1000 days, nor in the life of this administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin.
John F. Kennedy
"Not everyone has a light bulb and sympathy doesn't light every heart!"
"Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse."
Murphy's Corollary
"If everyone has the same opinion then no one knows how to think."

"I'm optimistic because I don't know how to be pessimistic."

"It's impossible to see a portrait if you're inside it!"

"There's no right way to do a wrong  thing."

"No one can insult you unless you help him."

"It doesn't matter how much is in your stomach or brain, but how much you've digested!"

"Men spend their holidays waiting for women!"

"In crises that force people to choose among alternative courses of action, most people will choose the worst one possible."

Rudin's Law
"Libery, Liberty, Liberty! How much blood was dropped under my name."

"Progress does not consist of replacing a theory that is wrong with one that is right. It consists of replacing a theory that is wrong with one that is more subtly wrong."

Hawkin's Theory of Progress
"If anything can go wrong, it will."
Murphy's Law
"Everyone lives under the same sky but we have different horizons."
Anees Mansour
"If the shoe fits, it's ugly."
Gold's Law
"When an error has been detected and corrected, it will be found to have been correct in the first place."
Scott's Second Law
"If you are embarrassed from wearing old clothes, why aren't you embarrassed from your old ideas."

"You can't win. You can't break even. You can't quit."

"After things have gone from bad to worse, the cycle will repeat itself."

Farnsdick's Corollary
"We have made technology, but technology destroys us!"

"Women are not so bad that it's impossible to live with, but they are not so good that it's possible to live with."

"A good friend is someone who gives before he takes, comes to you before you go to him and helps without waiting for a reply."

"If you tell the boss you were late for work because you had a flat tire, the next morning you will have a flat tire."

Cannon's Comment
"If you can't find happiness in yourself, you will never find it anywhere else."

"One certain thing about luck: it always changes."

"The probability of anything happening is in inverse ratio to its desirability."

Gumperson's Law
"A happy person is someone who gives and forgets, takes and remembers."

"When the plane you are on is late, the plane you want to transfer to is on time."

The Aeroplane Law
"A man likes a woman's roughness and a woman likes a man's delicacy."

"If you know that I know what you don't know then you know my only secret!"

Mustafa El Houshy
"If you like money more than your wife, country, son, father and religion then you must be an American!"

"If you have watched a TV series only once, and you watch it again, it will be a rerun of the same episode."

Law of Reruns
"The more you hate someone, the more you like another."

"If you think that I don't know anything, then you know absolutely nothing about communism - nothing but fear."

Nikita Khrushchev
"If you know as much as I know about this universe, you will never think of being an atheist."
Albert Einstein after being questioned by a journalist whether he was an atheist or not.
"Never was so much owed by so Many to so Few."
Winston Churchill, June 1940, after the Battle of Britain
"If you're a Muslim, think that I am a Hindu and kill me. If you're a Hindu, think that I am a Muslim and kill me."
An Indian person after being asked whether he was a Hindu or a Muslim
"Workers of the world unite; you have nothing but your chains to loose."
Karl Marx
"The question is not whether there's censorship or not, but the question is how much there is."
Harry Robinson
"In any collection of data, the figure most obviously correct, beyond all need of checking, is the mistake."
Finagle's Third Law
"Live! Obey! Fight!
Fascist Slogan
"You never find a lost article until you replace it."
Klipstein's Law
"Nothing has ever been won in history without bloodshed!"
Benito Mussolini
"Negative expectations yield negative results. Positive expectations yield negative results."
Non-Reciprocal Law of Expectations
"You Americans keep saying that Cuba is 90 miles from the US. I say that the US is 90 miles from Cuba, and for us that's worse."
Fidel Castro
"Once a job is fouled up, anything done to improve it only makes it worse."
Finagle's Fourth Law
"Deep in the chaotic regime, slight changes in structure almost always cause vast changes in behaviour. Complex controllable behaviour seems precluded."
Stuart Kauffman
"Squelae are inherently unpredictable."
Ian Malcolm
Nelson's commander ordered him to withdraw at the battle of Copenhagen in 1801. Nelson put his telescope to his right eye (which he couldn't see with). "I really do not see the signal!"
Lord Horatio Nelson
"In life, there are many things which we can't forget, but there are many things which we must forget."

"The perceived usefulness of an article is inversely proportional to its actual usefulness once bought and paid for."

Glatum's Law of Materialistic Acquisitiveness
"It is a mistake to allow any mechanical object to realize that you are in a hurry."
Ralph's Observation
"A minute on the battlefield is worth a lifetime of peace!"
Benito Mussolini
"If an experiment works, something has gone wrong."
Finagle's First Law
"Things will get worse before they will get better. Who said things would get better?"
Ehrman's Commentary
"Everyone has a scheme that will not work."
Howe's Law
"When the territory of Germany finds itself unable to assure Germans of a livelihood, only then can the right arise, from he need of the people, to acquire foreign territory."
Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf
"Once you open a can of worms, the only way to re-can them is to use a bigger can."
Zymurgy's First Law of Evolving Systems Dynamics
1. An object in motion will be heading in the wrong direction.
2. An object at rest will be in the wrong place. 2. An object at rest will be in the wrong place. 2. An object at rest will be in the wrong place.

Gerrold's Laws of Infernal Dynamics

"Today, the workers who have remained loyal to the cause of throwing off the yoke of the capital call themselves communists."
"If things were left to chance, they'd be better."
Langin's Law
"As not, my fellow Americans, as not what your country can do for you but as what you do for your country."
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
"If you need n items of anything, you will have n - 1 in stock"
Klipstein's Observation
"A fearless mind, a strong will, a burning hatred of slavery and oppression, a revolutionary passion, complete faith in the energy of the people, a genius of organization."
A description of Lenin after his death, produced by the Bolshevik Party's Central Committee
"Lenin was one of the most sinister and wicked characters in History. The evil man was the founder and strength of Bolshevism. It is a great mistake to think that he was a moderate. He was a bloodthirsty revolutionary. He was a cunning political fanatic."
From a British newspaper after Lenin's death
"The issue of civil war is in your hands, my dissatisfied fellow countrymen, and not mine. The government will not attack you. You can have no conflict without being the aggressors yourselves. We are not enemies but friends. Though passion may have strained our friendship, it must not break."
Abraham Lincoln