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Zionist Influence in the USA

Did you know?
Paul Findley

The Zionist Lobby (or pressure group) had and still has quite a strong influence on the American foreign policy. Paul Findley, a former American Senator, had been a victim of this lobby.

There are many indications of this Zionist influence.

The first indication was in 1917. The British Foreign Minister, Arthur Balfour, had signed the famous Balfour Declaration which had promised Jews a national home in Palestine. This declaration was to please the Jews in Europe and the USA.

And one reason for signing this declaration was that the Jews were united in the USA during the elections and therefore they had a very strong impact on the result of the US presidential elections. At the same time, World War I was not yet over, and the British wanted the winner of the US presidential elections to support American interference into the war alongside Britain. The British got what they wanted as the Jews had contributed to the re-election of Woodrow Wilson who got America to enter the war. The fate of the Palestinian people was played around with in a dirty political game for self-interest.

In 1949, the American president, Harry Truman, was hesitating whether or not to recognize Israel. His Secretary of Foreign Affairs was against recognizing Israel because he thought that this would worsen America's relationship with Arab nations, especially with Saudi Arabia. However, other members in Truman's administration were in support of the Jewish state.

But Harry Truman had decided to recognize Israel because he had many Jewish voters in the USA to please and hardly any Arab voters (at that time) to please. NOTE: There were also other reasons for this including the stupidity of the Arab regimes, especially the Saudi and Jordanian regimes, which had actually improved their relationships with America. Relations with the USA are improving day after day, and America's support to Israel is continuing so American leaders since 1948 did not have to worry about their interests with the Arabs.

You can learn more about this Zionist influence on The USA and Israel.

Nevertheless, there are now voices in the USA against America's political, economic and military aid to Israel.

One cause for the emergence of these voices is the fact that America's aid to Israel is sometimes harmful for America's benefits and national security! But, until now, such voices are weak in front of the pro-Israelis in the USA.

One of the most famous and controversial members of the US Congress in the past 40 years and who had tried to resist the Zionist lobby is Paul Findley.

In the US Congress, he had defended Palestinian and Arab rights and he had tried to uncover Israel's deception to the American public opinion. He had also condemned the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights of Syria and the purges against the Palestinian people.

He was also one of the first Americans in the 1970s to call for starting relations with the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) and he had met Yasser Arafat twice before.

As a result for his anti-Israeli policies, the Zionists knew how to unite against him in the 1983 elections to make him lose and end his 22-year-long career in politics.

Paul Findley had produced several books to scandalize the Zionist influence in the USA, including:
bullet"Who Dares to Talk?" which was a bestselling book for 12 weeks, had 300 000 copies published in the USA alone and was translated into several languages to spread around the world.
bullet"The Deception" which was also continued to discuss the Zionist influence
bullet"No Place For Silence"

According to Paul Findley, there are at least 50 000 Jews who get involved in this pressure group and there is also an organization called AIPAC.

Moreover, many of America's important officials were and are Zionists. For example, Madeline Albright, former Secretary of State, and Leibermann, who would have been Al Gore's vice president if the Democrats had won the 2000 elections.

Also, many businessmen in the USA, especially in the media sector, are pro-Israelis and they donate huge amounts of money to candidates during the elections and therefore gain the loyalty of most leaders and Senators.