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The Cause of The Causes

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By: Moustafa Elhoushi

July 2002

Day after day, more and more people become atheists and believe that the existence of a god is unnecessary to explain the world we live in. In America, atheists form about a tenth of the population while 60% of Russians openly admit that they have no religion. The main reason for the increase in the number of atheists is mainly due to the scientific and technological advances rather than the emergence of a new theory or philosophy which can explain this Universe without the existence of a Creator.

Some will argue with the last statement in the above paragraph. "The Big Bang theory explains how the Universe was created," one may argue, or "the DNA explains how living things are formed without the need of God".

But the Big Bang does not start from zero. The theory simply states that one day the Universe was just a tiny spot full of energy and this spot grew and grew rapidly to form the Universe we live in. But this theory does not explain from where this spot came from. It just says that a spot was simply there. And even if one day a physicist comes up with a cause of the existence of this "spot", than this cause must have another cause. And when this cause is discovered, people will still wonder the cause of this cause, and so on.

So there must be a "Cause of the Causes". The same applies to living things. Biologists and doctors can explain that a baby is "created" in his mother's womb when 2 gametes, one from each parent, fuse to form a zygote. Those 2 gametes "store" the genetic information in the DNA of the genes of the chromosomes of their nuclei.

But from where does this DNA and amino acids, which form the proteins of our bodies, come from? Well, evolutionists have come up with a theory that they think can answer that. Some believe that billions of years ago, a group of elements in water, thanks to the heat energy from a lightning, bonded together to form the amino acids. The amino acids than bonded together to form proteins, which bonded together to form simple, single-celled micro-organisms. And due to evolution, those micro-organisms evolved to form more complex creatures until humans were formed. But this theory is now proved to be wrong. (see The End of Evolution)

Even if we assume that the above theory is correct, we cannot fully explain from where do the elements which formed the amino acids came from. Well, the current theory is that elements are made out of atoms which are made out of protons, neutrons and electrons which combined together during nuclear fusion reactions in stars to form the atoms and molecules. And from where do the stars come from? The answer to this question is explained in the Big Bang theory, and it is quite long and complicated. Anyway, we have already agreed above that the Big Bang theory does not fully explain the creation of matter and the Universe.

We must not forget that as time goes on, scientists discover the causes of many phenomena they see and other scientists discover the causes of these causes. Every cause will have to have its own causes. And every time one question is answered or one cause is discovered, more questions appear to make the quest for knowledge even more complicated. An example of this is illustrated at the beginning of the 20th  century when scientists believed that they have managed to form a fundamental theory to explain all the different types of forces, energies and matter. However, the Quantum Theory and Theory of Relativity proved that the older theories were totally wrong.

The discovery of the atom, the building block of matter, had also made some believe that the quest for knowledge was close to its end, but it was soon discovered that the atom is made out of a nucleus surrounded by electrons..and that the nucleus is made out of protons and neutrons... and soon, hundreds of sub-atomic particles were discovered...and during the 1980s, it was discovered that those sub-atomic particles are made out of quarks.....and one day, we might find out that quarks are made out of something else!!!!