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Nuclear Weapons:


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From the Egyptian Magazine (Akher Saa)

John StarkAmerica performed nuclear tests on more than 270 000 Americans in 1949 on purpose!!! All of them now have cancer!!!

The woman in the photograph (her name is Jaun Stark) is an activist who half a century of her life campaigning against the use of nuclear weapons. She herself was one of the vitcims who were tested...and she spent most of her life being tortured by cancer because of that atrocious crime.

BabyThe turning point of her life was in 1986 when she discovered that she was one of the victims who were exposed to nuclear radiation deliberately in 1949. Since the late 1940s, she spent her life tolerating the severe pain. All of her hair fell down and she had to wear a wig. 

After that, she appeared in front of the US Congress in 1989 and contributed to the release of many secret reports from the US government. This is a scandal which is almost forgotten by history. However, there are many more reports hidden by the US government until this very second.

In the photograph, Jaun holds her picture when she was young - during the glory days. "It was in 1986 when I discovered that I was one of 270 000 people who were involved to nuclear radiation tests secretly in 1949 from the nuclear power station in Hanford, Washingtion, USA. " She was exposed to approximately 100 million curies of radiation (equivalent to the radiation which was released from Chernobyl!!!) from the radioactive isotope iodine-131 which does cause cancer. This was one of the many brutal experiments performed to test the effects of radiation on humans. This was an experiment to play around with people's lives. This was an experiment which gave no value to a human soul.3 fingers

In fact, she discovered that there was another experiment performed in 1945 in which radiation was exposed 20 times the level allowed today, towards civilians in America. It was known as the "Green Progress"!

Jaun continues talking with a tear dropping from her own eyes. "At that time during 1949, I was a college student 50 miles away from the Hanford Nuclear Power Station. When I discovered it after a long time,  I did not feel angry. I had a feeling of grief and betrayal which had no limits. I was betrayed by my own government. I kept on crying for a very long time. I remembered the pains felt since that day and the long journey I spent with many doctors who were confused. I remembered the diseases which my father and mother had. I remembered my sister's son who was born with no hands. A deliberate exposure who was an absolutely immoral act which had never happened in the history of mankind. I will never forget the words which a physicist told me: "You are a timed bomb walking on 2 feet!" The exposure I got would cause me any of 24 types of cancer. It is quite ironic that the world was angry at the Soviet Union for delaying the announcement of the Chernobyl crisis for 3 days while the experiments remained unknown for 52 years. It is strange that the US government is spending millions of dollars in front of court to avoid compensating for the victims and releasing the atrocities of this cruel act - as if they support the crimes of the government during the 1940s."

"I have seen many victims of nuclear radiation all over the world. It is a crisis which no one can tolerate. What I have suffered from skin cancer, birth of a dead baby, lung diseases, digestive problems which prevent the storage of food, the unbearable pains in my spinal chord until now - as if someone is sawing it with an electrical sawing machine - and removing part of my chest.... all of this, I consider as a gift from God comapred with other tragedies I have seen because of radiation. In fact, being alive until now and a mother of a son who is about to get a child, is a miracle. Unfortunately, I can't forget that my grandson might be born handicapped since radiation can affect many future generations....."

She now is one of the world's prominent figures in protesting against the use of nuclear weapons. A figure forgotten by western media. A figure FEARED by western governments - knowing that she could turn public opinion against them.   Deformity


At an age of 70 years, Jaun led a demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy in the USA to protest against the Israeli Nuclear Project which is producing hundreds of nuclear weapons. The American media had totally ignored these peaceful demonstrations which occurred in October 2000.

With the bravery of a 20 year old person, Jaun decided to try to enter the embassy. Of course, the security guards prevented. One of them looked at her sharply - as if he knew her - and said, "I am afraid that your only son and his pregnant wife might be in danger." 

Jaun Stark was shocked by the precise information the guard knew and she remembered straight away how many assassinations were committed secretly before against anti-nuclear activists all over the world.

The interviewer asked her, "What do you think of the peaceful uses of nuclear power?"

She replied quickly, "I am against the use of nuclear weapons both peacefully or militarily since the catastrophes of leakage are equivalent on both sides.If one person was affected and he married and gave birth, then the radiation would affect 20 generations which is equivalent to 2 million people. And what is dangerous is that the genetic mutations will threaten all the descendants of that person and can kill or handicap anyone of them! All of the nuclear weapons known to exist can destroy the Earth 20 times. The number of people who were affected by nuclear leakage reached 1 billion and 300 million people - which is much more than any fake profits."