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Nuclear Weapons against:

British, American and Canadian Citizens

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Nuclear Weapons ............... ............... ............... ............... 200 000 soldiers from America, Britain and Canada asked for compensation. One third of American soldiers complained from health problems.

Dr. Asaf Djurokavitch - Former Officer in the American Army:

The American government did not warn their soldiers who were exposed to nuclear weapons during the Gulf War. They didn't warn the soldiers. I was a member of the Medical department of the US Army during the war. I was the head of the Medical Unit No. 531 which belongs to the Hospital No. 92. 

All of the soldiers - without any exceptions - ensured me that they were exposed to nuclear radiation. I asked them, "How did you know?" They replied that a team from Washington, with their uniform similar to spacesuits and covering completely all of their bodies, measured the radioactivity of the tanks which the soldiers buried in Kuwait. The level of radioactivity was extremely high!   

I sent some samples of their urine to a military laboratory in Maryland, USA. At first, I was told that the samples did not reach them. Then, they told me that the results were negative. And when I phoned the head of the laboratory, he told me that the samples were lost.

After that, the Personnel Manager advised me to stop my research. But I didn't stop. As a result, the government sacked me. I was not very sad. I continued with the research after spending on it myself. The results clearly showed that there was depleted uranium in the American, British and Canadian soldiers 10 years after the war.

Dogh Rokey - Former Officer in the US Army:

I received a warning from the Pentagon. It was explained in half a page that there might be radiation in my body. They told me in August 1997, that the level of alpha radiation in my body is 5000 times more than the safety level. I went to the health service department and they shocked me!! That's what they have done to the head of the project. That's what they have done to the person who was giving medical advice and protecting the environment from pollution. What do you think they have done to the women and children?

Mark Brown - Department of Medical Service to Former Soldiers:

I have held one of these weapons before. They are not the type which you should hide from. Don't misunderstand me: I am not saying that they are dangerous. I am just saying that there are other things which are more or just as dangerous. For example, walking in the street makes you exposed to dangerous gases from car fumes.

Dogh Rokey - Former Officer in the US Army:

Mark Brown doesn't know what he is talking about. Government reports show that uranium weapons are 60% more radioactive than other weapons. But they insist on ignoring what I have said. Although we get rid of uranium, which releases beta and gamma radiation, from weapons, there is still some uranium which releases alpha radiation. So saying that depleted uranium is not very radioactive is like saying that a woman is pregnant to some extent.

Roberth- taking part in a debate in, March 2002:

It may surprise you, but depleted uranium is not at all
dangerous. It does not explode when it is used in an armor
piercing projectile, but it is there simply to add more
mass to the projectile, so that it will penetrate more
easily.  The claim that it causes various forms of illness
has not been supported by medical studies. It does emit
small amounts of radiation, but so do bananas, rain, dirt,
concrete and many other things. The myth that it is harmful
is being spread by critics of the U.S. and also by those
who are scared of any amount of radiation.

Kenda- taking part in the same debate in, March 2002:

Well I saw americans soldiers from the gulf war ,,,and
after they married ,,the uraniuam effects were really clear
oh their bodies ....what do u say in that ,,,and notice
that am talking about the americans ,,,the ones that have
the right to live better than the iraqies ( in the west
goverments view) .

Raymond Presto - Former Officer in the British Army:

I was working in a hospital in the north of Saudi Arabia. I had never left the hospital during the war. When Dr. Asaf Djurokavitch asked me to perform a test on me, I agreed; although I knew that I was not one of them. But the test proved that there was uranium inside my body. I was surprised since I was 20 km away from where the fighting had happened. I had never left Saudi Arabia. Neither had I entered Iraq or Kuwait. This means that the uranium came from the wind, or from the injured soldiers who came to the hospital. The level of radiation in my body was 100 times the safety level.

After the war, a video was issued to the American soldiers. No one knew about it. It warned the soldiers of the dangers of depleted uranium. It was only given to the American soldiers. No one else.

Iraq formed many conferences to discuss the results of the use of depleted uranium after discovering it after the war. Raymond Presto attended one of them.

Raymond Presto - Former Officer in the British Army:

I wanted to see the Iraqi soldiers and see if they were sick like us. Yes, I found out that they were like us. They had exactly the same symptoms as us. But my heart felt sorry for them. Since we have the ability and medical devices which they are prevented from obtaining through economic sanctions imposed by us, the British. I have seen it with my very own eye.

After I returned to my house, I found a letter. It was from CBS Network. They were saying that the British police entered 2 houses of 2 British soldiers during the Gulf War. My house was one of them.

Why are they preventing the world from knowing the truth? They have killed many innocent people. Why are they attacking those who want to relax their conscience and tell the world what really happened?

Dogh Rokey - Former Officer in the US Army:

Of course, I was threatened by the American government to lose access to any medical care if I hadn't stop. Then, I was sacked from my job. In April 2000, one of them shot me. The police came to investigate but nothing happened. After a few weeks, some of them entered my house and turned everything up-side-down. They were professionals.

In another occasion, I arrived home with a camera team. I saw them jumping from the back door. My colleagues were threatened. Robert Robin was beaten up in Puerto Rico. I have evidence and photographs for it. Members from the US Navy carried him from his car and he was badly injured. Some doctors had their cars burnt. Scientists had their devices stolen. All of us received viruses into our computers. At the end, they sent a threat from an officer to my sister, from my sister to my wife, from my wife to me.

Dan Fahi - American Author of Don't Search- Don't Find:

Yes, I received threats from the Ministry of Defence. They threatened to trial me because I didn't trust the government. They accused me of being affected by Iraqi propaganda and for working for secret organizations. They have tried several ways to attack me personally. They also criticized my work by saying that it was non-scientific or non-academic. But my response was that there was no need to have a scientific background to read a military report saying: Depleted uranium causes cancer.

Dr. Asaf Djurokavitch - Former Officer in the American Army:

Mankind is entering an age of globalization and increasing personal freedom. One day, we will look backwards with disgust and ask, "How on Earth were these things allowed to happen at the end of the 20th century?"

Hoerst Gontez, a German scientist who was nominated for the Noble Prize, might never be able to win it. He was the first scientist to discover the scandal of depleted uranium. When he returned to his country with remains of a missile he found in Iraq. He was imprisoned for putting the lives of the German people in danger because of the radioactivity of it!

Professor Hoerst Gontez - Nominated for winning the Noble Prize:

This piece of missile has a level of radioactivity 240 000 times more than the level allowed in Germany! This means, that if you hold a piece of depleted uranium, then the amount of radioactivity allowed in Germany in one year, will enter your body in one day.

In January 1993, there was an attempt to assassinate me in front of my house. Then, they prevented me from earning any pensions and I lost any access to the social security system in my own country. In May 1994, I went to Quala Lampur and when I came back, 2 people attacked me. They stole a bag which contained a lot of evidence about the depleted uranium and a group of photographs. In June 1995, I was abducted here in Germany. I had to pay a fine of 3000 Marks because of the radioactive material I had.

Dr. Hoda Saleh Mahdi - Iraqi Biologist:

Here is a picture of an American soldier with his son having one arm. Notice that his palm is attached to his chest. This soldier fought in the Gulf War. Here is another picture of a child born in Basra in approximately the same time as the war started. He has the same problem. His palm is also attached to his chest, he also has other deformities. But I want to say that this is evidence. Since the only link between these 2 cases is that both fathers were in the same place geographically in the same time. They have both been exposed to the same danger: depleted uranium. 

Mark Brown - Department of Medical Service to Former Soldiers:

I have never said that depleted uranium is a harmless substance but now it seems to harm our soldiers who were fighting in the Gulf War. There is certainly some anxiety about its presence in the environment. But I do not know the nature of the effect it has on the people living around it. I just want to say that it does not seem to harm our soldiers. I can't comment on what should follow its use and how to deal with it.

They have cleaned the tanks and buried and covered them safely in Saudi Arabia. Some where sent to North Carolina and the US government spent 4 million dollars to clean them.

Dogh Rokey - Former Officer in the US Army:

The US government spent millions of dollars to clean 24 tanks which came from Saudi Arabia. How could a middle-class Iraqi citizen clean thousands of tanks totally destroyed in his own country?

Professor Malcolm Hober - University of Sunderland:

The army wants to get rid of it and the government wants to hold the stick from its mid-point. The issue needs a strong person to say, "Stop it! We have tried this substance. It is a strong weapon, but it leaves a heap of pollution. And I find want my country has done to another, unacceptable."