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Correcting a Mistake

Did you know?



This book was written by an Israeli historian called Ben Mouris. The book is called "Correcting a Mistake".

The author of this book uncovers many atrocities committed by Israelis in kicking out Palestineans to let space for Jews. It also mentions the Zionist (Pro-Israeli) Conferences which discussed plans of the "Transfer" of Arabs. All of the facts in the book are backed  up by evidence.

The crimes include:

Murder of Men, Women and Children who surrendered

Killing Babies

Cutting the Stomachs of Pregnant Women


David Ben Gurion (first Israeli Prime Minister) and Chaim Wisseman (first Israeli president) were leaders of the Transfer process.

There are a lot of examples in this book but I will only mention a few of them.

Joseph Nehmani, one of the Israeli who believed that Arabs had to leave Israel to leave space for Jews, left autobiographies which described many of the atrocities committed.

In one operation, called Hiram, Israeli soldiers invaded the northern part of Galeel in 1948. This operation involved the most disgusting crimes against Arab civilians to force them to leave their homes.

Joseph Nehmani wrote:

"The brutal crimes which were committed by our soldiers in the village of Al Safsaf, were totally cruel. For example, when our soldiers invaded the village, its people raised their white flags (i.e. they surrendered). The soldiers collected the people and separated the men from the women. Then, they roped the hands of the men who were lined up and shot them and they were all murdered and they were about 60 men. After that, they threw them into a hole. Then, they went towards the women and raped them. Soon, they sent them to a nearby forest and killed them. I have seen a dead woman holding a baby between her arms - the baby was also dead."

In the villages of Eleyoon and Al Farada, the Israeli soldiers forced the people to feed them. After that, they ordered them to leave. Some of the people protested but they were soon shot dead. 30 men were killed. The people were forced to walk long distances. They were exhausted and hungry. One woman, who was carrying a baby, was too tired and asked the Israeli soldier to rest for some time, but he refused. The woman had to leave her baby next to a tree because she was too tired to carry him.

Joseph Nehmani wrote:

"Another example of brutality is found in the village of Al Saleha. Its people surrendered by raising the white flags. The soldiers entered the village and committed a wicked slaughter in which 70 men and women were killed. Oh my God... From where did these soldiers gain the brutality which exceeds the Nazis' brutality? One of the officers told me that the soldiers who succeeded in committing these crimes actually came from the Nazi Concentration Camps. I am asking, "Isn't there a more human-like method to get rid of the Arab people and gain their properties?" "

Chaim Weisseman himself criticized these crimes while he was having a conversation with Joseph Nehmani.

Other crimes were committed in the villages of Al Ketya (1949), Al Jaouni (1949), Akbara (1949), Kerad Al Ghanam (1951) and Kerad Al Bakar (in which 800 families were forced to leave in 1951).

This was just a small part of the book which scandalizes the brutality of the Israelis.

However, the author of this book believes that the Israelis have the right to take-over the villages (as the Jewish Holy Book says) so he doesn't use the term "invasion" of villages!