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By: Moustafa Elhoushi


During Ashora, many people bring their chains and start hitting themselves without feeling pain. In India, many Buddhists burn themselves without screaming. In China, some people rest their bodies on a huge number of nails but they feel comfortable. But how does this happen? Can scientists explain these phenomena? Can you do these things? The answer is yes!

When you play football and someone trips you, you don't feel pain instantaneously. But when you go home after the match, you will feel pain. When you have a bee-sting you don't feel pain while you're watching TV or talking to your friends all the time. Do you know why? In football, you concentrate on what's happening to your team and to the ball, so you won't feel the pain. If someone beats you, just look in the opposite direction and think about a football match or something totally different and you won't feel anything. Of course, you need to practice for it first!