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By: Moustafa Elhoushi
March 2000

The pathetic treaty

In 1919, hundreds of generals, militarians and politicians of the winning side of World War I sat in Paris. Without listening to the excuses of the losers, they decided that Germany was solely responsible for the deaths and damages it caused in Europe.

On the Western Front, German, French and English soldiers fought in trenches. Both sides caused damages and casualties to each other. Just like French soldiers were killed by Germans, Germans were killed by French soldiers. Just like Germans destroyed many French villages and houses, French and English soldiers destroyed their own villages and houses. Both sides threw shells at each other, didn't they? Yet, the Germans were the only ones to be punished!

When British and French people remember World War I, they remember the Zeppelins and the German planes that bombed Hartlepool, Verdun and other cities. However, they seem to forget how the RAF bombed German cities and how the allies prevented ant food from reaching Germany and destroyed their economy.

Another reason why Versailles was unfair was that the innocent civilians were punished and the criminals were allowed to emigrate and live happily. Kaiser Wilhelm II, who decided to declare war on France and Russia, was allowed to leave Germany and live in a luxurious castle (Doorn Castle) in Holland. General Paul von Hindenburg was not punished at all and was elected president of Germany. Another general, Erich Ludendorff fled to Sweden and came back to Germany to join the NDSAP or Nazi party in 1923. Yet, the Reparations affected the German economy and the lives of millions of innocent Germans.

Inverted Commas

In Sevres, another treaty was signed in 1920. It decided to give the Ottoman government Constantinople (which we now call Istanbul) and the surrounding area. The Ottoman Empire was split into 14 countries. They were given to France and Britain to "look after".

Although Britain and France claimed that these countries were "protectorates" they were treated as colonies. Arab historians never say, "When our country was a British protectorate..." but they say, "When our country was a British colony..." In these countries, many opposers were executed or imprisoned. In the 1940's, France killed hundreds of Tunisians; most of them were not trailed. But what was there excuse? There excuse was that these Tunisians were.... fascists! How could there be fascists in Tunisia if fascism was against their religion? Even if they were fascists, how did the French know that and why weren't they trailed?

Many Egyptian farmers (or fellahin) were forced to work for the British government. Much of the money they earned went to British people who didn't own the farms! In France, one journalist who wrote a report about life in Algeria was exiled by Charlie de Gaulle In the Algerian-French war, 1 million Algerians were killed, many of them were civilians, while 100,000 French soldiers died. Yet, leaders like Winston Churchill, Atlee, and de Gaulle claimed "that everything was fine!"

If Britain and France were treated the way Germany was treated they would have been the poorest countries in the world.

These countries should have had their independence. They were not babies to be "looked after". Even if they were being looked after, why weren't they given their independence? Turkey didn't enter World War I to help Germany as most people think. In fact, it entered WWI on November 10th, 1914 when Britain started the Mesopotamian campaign and attacked Baghdad, which was part of the Ottoman Empire. So why was Turkey punished?

When Egypt took control over the Suez Canal, Britain and France attacked Egypt? What was their excuse? Their excuse was that they wanted to "ensure free passage through the canal"! Why would have Gamal Abdul Nassar thought of preventing ships from travelling through the canal if his purpose was to earn money by allowing ships to enter the canal?

When Devils become Angels

Nearly every country in the world was once colonized by a European country. Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Russia and Italy have all invaded non-European countries. They have caused mass-casualties in many countries but no one cared. However, when a country invades a European, everyone cares.

In 1799, Napoleon invaded many North African countries, but no one cared. In the 1700's, Spain and Portugal invaded many South Americans and Asian countries and no one cared. Italy conquered Ethiopia (at that time it was called Abbysinia) in 1936 before WW2 and the League of Nations ignored Ethiopia's appeal. Germany owned some colonies in Africa before WWI. However, when Germany attacked Belgium in 1914, and when Napoleon attacked Europe everyone seemed to notice and started talking about Human Rights! British people started talking about determination, patriotism as they were bombed by German planes during WW2 and forgot how life was like in African colonies!

After World War 2, many Nazis in France were killed without being trailed. You might think that's fair because Nazis were very evil and made life like hell when they ruled France. However, when Ben Laden attacked the USSR for independence, everyone described him as a terrorist. Every time we here of an aeroplane crash or of an explosion one American pig, named Bill, appears on TV and accuses Ben Laden although he has absolutely no proof! In South Lebanon, Israeli soldiers were as evil as the Nazi soldiers in the holocaust, just go and ask the people there and they will tell you. When Hezbellah decides to kill a few Israelis, everyone describes them as terrorists! But when Israel attacks Lebanese cities and kills hundreds of innocent children in schools and hospitals, no one describes the Israeli as terrorists! Why?

United Nations = 5w + 180s

Although most people don't agree with me, Britain, France, America, Russia and China are the main enemies of human rights! They have used the veto unfairly.

In WWI, most Arab countries hated Turkey and decided to help Britain, which promised freedom after the war. Britain, however, also made other, conflicting commitments. Thus, in the secret Sykes-Picot agreement with France and Russia (1916), it promised to divide and rule Palestine, which was part of Palestine, with its allies. In a third agreement, the Balfour Declaration of 1917, Britain promised the Jews, whose help it needed in the war effort, a Jewish “national home” in Palestine. This promise was subsequently incorporated in the mandate conferred on Britain by the League of Nations in 1922. Don't you call what the British government has done: betrayal?

You might think that that Jews deserved to have their own country because they were treated badly by Hitler. But does that mean that Palestinians must be punished for what someone else has done? Why were 750,000 people forced to leave Palestine after its declaration in 1948? Why were more than 1500 Palestinians imprisoned and treated like animals since 1948? Why were hundreds of Palestinians killed without being trailed? If you believe that the Palestinians killed the same number of Israelis then you are absolutely wrong. If you read the next paragraph, you will know that Zionists are nothing but Jewish-Nazis....

Israel tried to invade the Suez Canal on October 29th, 1956 although Jews have never contributed to the canal. Israel became a small empire in the Middle East when they invaded parts of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt in the war, which they call proudly, the Six-Day War. Zionists believe that one day Moses would come back to life and go to Palestine, so they wanted to control Jerusalem to receive him, but what did they invade the Golan Heights, South Lebanon and Sinai? The majority of the captives after the Six-Day War were killed. Do you know how were they killed? Tens of soldiers were forced to lie on their stomachs. Israeli soldiers took everything they had in their pockets; some eye-witnesses said that the soldiers used to burn the Quran when they found in in someone's pocket. After that, two tanks, moving in opposite directions, crushed every single person! None of the soldiers were buried. Their skulls and skeletons can be found in Sinai. This was just one way the soldiers were killed. One Israeli general has written a book about how he killed them and he feels proud of himself!

Russia and America

Russia and America began to hate each other after WW2 for some political reasons. They interfered in many crises, which could have been solved peacefully so that each country could the other how strong it is. They have showed disrespect for Human Rights.

In 1950, Russia supported the communist North Korea and later the communist North Vietnam in 1954. America did not help South Vietnam and South Korea because they felt that they had the right to be independent, but because they were fighting North Korea and North Vietnam which were supported by America's enemy: Russia.

Another good example is Osama Ben Laden. When Ben Laden was fighting for freedom in the 1980's against the USSR, the USA supported him and Russia described him as a terrorist. Now, America hates Ben Laden and when Bill Clinton bombed Afghanistan a few years ago, Boris Yeltsin accused America!

The same thing happened in Kosovo. America fought Yugoslavia not because Bill Clinton believed that Slobodan Milosevic has committed mass-homicide but because Yugoslavia was supported by Russia. If America really wanted to end the homicide in Yugoslavia, it would have killed Milosevic himself rather than killing many innocent Serbs. America and Britain have joined a "Body Building Championship" in Kosovo and Russia tried to join and win the gold medal. Now, America is trying to interfere in Chechnya.

America is not bombing Iraq because they want Saddam Hussein to stop producing weapons but because Bill Clinton wants to say, "Look at me Vladimir and Jiang, can you do what I am doing?" China chose to answer his question in Taiwan while Russia decided to answer his question in Chechnya. Thousands of children in Iraq are dying and America claims that it's Saddam's fault. Every 5 minutes, one child is killed indirectly by the American government! America decides to keep its aeroplanes in small countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The rulers of both countries are afraid to say, "No," to America because they know that America's reply would be, "Economic sanctions!". The people of many Gulf countries don't want America to land its forces in the Persian Gulf but their leaders execute or imprison anyone who says so!

America and China

A few years ago, Pakistan and India performed about 6 nuclear tests. America declared economic sanctions on both of them. However, a few years before that, France acted selfishly. It performed more than 7 nuclear tests in a French colony near Australia. France didn't want to pollute its sea with radiation and decided to pollute Australia's sea! One boat, which belonged to Green Peace tried to prevent it but the French decided to sink it and one person was killed. Yet, America helped France secretly and the UN did nothing!

Now, after Pakistan and India received help from China, the USA declared economic sanctions. This time it's not because Pakistan and India used nuclear weapons, it was because they were supported by China. Two years ago, America bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. What was America's excuse? Their excuse was that they were using old maps! Can you believe that? America, which owns many satellites for surveillance, invented the internet and knows the secrets of every country in the world (thanks to the CIA), uses old maps!

"Dictatorships" and "Democracies"

Many countries, which oppose America, like Yugoslavia, Cuba, Iraq and Libya, are believed to have dictators. While many "real" dictators in many countries in the world are supported by America. America and Britain have tried to assassinate Saddam Hussein and Moamar Al Qazafi. Wasn't one of the statements of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was not to execute or imprison without being trailed? Britain, which sold many weapons to Iraq during the Iraqi-Iranian war and during the invasion of Kuwait, now calls Saddam Hussein a dictator. Several MP's have claimed that the British Parliament has voted to keep this as a secret.

I don't support America or Russia. I wish that the US, Russian, French and British governments would one day ignore Osama, Saddam, Elian or Fidel for one second and try to help the millions of victims of AIDS, tuberculosis and natural hazards. The veto should have never been there. Many politicians ignore human rights and say, "Look at America, they have weapons, why couldn't I own some!" Ethiopia and Eritrea are fighting for a small piece of land which will not solve their crises but their governments say, "Everyone fights for his land, why can't we fight?" The 5 wolves use the UN as a "shoe": they wear it when they feel like it!