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Voices in the Wild

Did you know?
One western activist who had visited Iraq said that the USA, supported by the UK, Israel and a small number of benefiting nations, are responsible for the souls which are lost, which were lost and which will be lost. Another Arab activist said that the Arab leaders are responsible for that.

An American organization called "Voices in the Wild" have travelled to Iraq using an aeroplane belonging to the Iraqi airways. By this way, those Americans, with their fellow Arabs, have violated the so-called no flight zone areas in Iraq.

Kathie Kelly- a member of the organization: "The US government is trying to terrify the Iraqis who want to travel by plane and when I go back to my country I will explain how such zones are illegal since they are not among the UN's resolutions."

Joan Keller- another member of the organization: "We have to show the world the fear those innocent Iraqis are living in and end the sanctions on them."

The members of the group visited Basra, one of the most harmed areas in the south of Iraq by the sanctions and the American-British military attacks. There, they were welcomed by the citizens.

The Americans tried to help the Iraqis in some rebuilding work- in solidarity with the Iraqi people and in a symbolic trial to reduce their pain and suffering.

Mark Wens- another member: "Frankly, I notice that every time I come to Iraq, the conditions worsen, especially the infrastructure and the psychological conditions of the Iraqi people: they are the ones who pay the price."