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bullet9000 BC:- People start planting crops in the Middle East
bullet6000 BC:- Copper first used in West Asia 
bullet3500 BC:- The Sumerian civilization begins in Mesopotamia
bullet3200 BC:- Pharaoh Menes merges Upper and Lower Egypt  
bullet2875 BC:- Ancient Egyptians start building the Great Pyramid of Giza
bullet2000 BC:- People in Turkey begin to use iron 
bullet510 BC:- Latini expels Etruscans from Rome
bullet480 BC:- Greeks defeat Persians in Battle of Salamis
bullet431 BC:- Athens and Sparta begin the Peloponnesian War
bullet399 BC:- Death of Socrates
bullet385 BC:- Plato founds the first university in Europe
bullet356 BC:- Birth of Alexander the Great
bullet324 BC:- Death of Alexander the Great
bullet146 BC:- Carthage is destroyed
bullet100 BC:- Birth of Julius Caesar
bullet54 BC:- Caesar goes to Britain
bullet49 BC:- Julius Caesar starts the civil war against Pompey
bullet45 BC:- Caesar wins the civil war, kills Pompey and becomes 'dictator for life'
bullet44 BC:- Assassination of Julius Caesar 
bullet27 BC:- Augustus proclaims Roman Empire
bullet4 BC:- Birth of Jesus Christ 
bullet43 AD:- Emperor Claudius conquers Britain
bullet160 AD:- Barbarian tribes invade Roman Empire
bullet313 AD:- Emperor Constantine makes Christianity an approved religion
bullet410 AD:- Rome captured
bullet476 AD:- Barbarian tribes overthrow the last Roman Emperor; end of the Roman Empire 
bullet793 AD:- First Viking invaders in Britain
bullet800 AD:- Charlemagne crowned emperor
bullet845 AD:- Vikings sack Paris
bullet849 AD:- Birth of Alfred the Great
bullet868 AD:- Earliest surviving book printed in China 
bullet871 AD:- Alfred the Great becomes King of Wessex
bullet878 AD:- Alfred the Great's army defeats the Vikings in the Battle of Edington
bullet899 AD:- Death of Alfred the Great
bullet911 AD:- Vikings rule Duchy of Normandy 
bullet962 AD:- Otto the Great crowned Holy Roman Emperor
bullet997 AD:- Leif Ericsson the Viking sails across the Atlantic 
bullet1000:- Scots rule Scotland