Mass Murder
(Palestine -Dier yaseen- 1948)

Humiliation of civilians
(Palestine - Yafa -1948)

And Houses Demolished
(Palestine -Dier yaseen-1948)

Sabra and Chatilla Massacre by the Lebanese Falangists helped by Ariel Sharon

(Lebanon - 1982)

Crying for the victims of Sabra and Chatilla (a Palestinian refugee camp) Massacre

(Lebanon - 1982)

And it has not stopped ever since!
(Lebanon-Qana- 1996)

They had no mercy on men...

(Lebanon -Qana-1996)

No mercy on women...

(Lebanon -Qana-1996)

..old people..

(Lebanon -Qana-1996)


(Lebanon -Qana-1996)


(Lebanon -Qana-1996)

This baby was killed in a Rockets Attack on "QANA" ,(Lebanon),
the same scene took place years earlier in "SABRA & SHATILA" when Israeli soldiers allied to
LF smashed hundreds of young babies heads against the walls, this was during the attack on the camps.

Some Victims During the Israeli Raids on Lebanon 1996

What has this kid done to deserve to be burnt alive like that?
(Lebanon -Qana-1996)

The Israeli Air Force has bombed her school bus, some of her friends
were killed some were injured, and she lost her eye...


He lost his family as well....

A baby after an Israeli attack with NAPALM!!!!

He Was killed with his family during an Israeli bombing

(Lebanon -Qana-1996)

After the incident...

After the treatment

(5 years after the treatment)

Amar Emeera was eating lunch in his home in the West bank village of Juma'een near
Nablus when armed settlers from a nearby settlement threw a firebomb at his home.
The house ignited and two brothers were killed. Though Amar lived, he bore horrific
scars that left him unable to function as a normal child.

(Palestine - Nablus -1994)

He was beaten by a Jewish settler
( Palestine - Gaza Strip - 1996)

Al Aqsa mosque burnt by an Israeli extremist

(Palestine - Jerusalem - 1969)

One victim of Bahr El Baqr School Massacre when 45 Palestinian children were killed Israeli planes

A man holds a boy in Bahr El Baqr school massacre

They collected the corps of this child under the damage
( Lebanon - Qana - 1996)

Another victim of Qana
(Lebanon - Qana - 1996)

This baby was shot on the chest by an IDF soldier..
(Palestine - Nablus - 1998)

Iraqi nuclear power station destroyed by Israel which claimed that it was used to produce nuclear weapons - no evidence proved that

(Iraq - 1981)

A Jewish settler attacked her home with a "Molotov" Bomb
She will suffer from this for the rest of her life.

( Palestine - Husan Village -1997)

Another Victim of Jewish settlers
(Palestine - Gaza - 1995)

The massive killing in Qana
(Lebanon - Qana -1996)

She was buried... ALIVE!!!!!!
(Lebanon -Qana-1996)

She was burnt...
(Lebanon - Qana -1996)

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