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Jews who want to demolish Israel!!

Did you know?



The man in this picture is a Jewish American but he is anti-Zionist and anti-Israeli (as you can see the Israeli flag is crossed on his suit).

Although most Jewish organizations in the world support Zionism (i.e. the belief that Palestine should be a country for Jews) and Israel, some Jews remain opposed to the Jewish state.

Such organizations believe that the formation of an Israeli state is against the teachings of the Jewish religion.

Notureikarta, or Guardians of the City, is the largest of those organizations and the man in the above picture is David Weiss, the spokesman of Notureikarta.

This organization, which was set up in 1935, recognizes Zionism as the most dangerous satanic conspiracy against God and the Jewish religion and recognizes that Israel is an illegal and unlawful state for oppressing and removing another people from their land.

Notureikarta demands all Jews in Israel to leave Israel for the Palestinians and return to their countries in Europe and elsewhere.

Notureikarta's main headquarters is in Brooklyn, New York, USA but it also has other branches in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Britain, Australia and other countries.

In 1948, the organization had sent the United Nations a letter of complaint against the birth of the Israeli nation.

The organization does not recognize Israel until now (although some Arab nations do recognize Israel).

Not only that, the members of the organization demand the elimination of the State of Israel and the formation of a Palestinian state to cover all of Palestine and the land currently ruled by Israel!

In fact, they consider May 14th, the day of the formation of the State of Israel, a mourning day in which the members of the organization bring down the flags, form demonstrations and raise anti-Zionist and anti-Israeli slogans.

In the near past, Notureikarta had begun to re-organize itself.

Since the beginning of the Intifada, Notureikarta organized several protests and demonstrations along with Arabs and issued documents describing Israeli policies as brutal and bloody crimes towards the Palestinians.

David Weiss believes that the Palestinians have the right to defend themselves against Israel.

He also claims that Jews were treated well under Islamic rule and the treatment of the Jews in Islamic countries was much better than in Europe. For example, the King of Morocco had protected the Jews from the Nazi invasion during World War II.

Notureikarta has Jewish supporters in Islamic nations including Iran (where Jews have a representative in the Iranian Parliament) and Yemen.

David Weiss says that his organizations has faced difficulties from the American government but their demonstrations are crushed brutally in Israel.

Notureikarta believes that there can be no peace as long as Israel exists and the organization is against all of the peace agreements between Israel and the Arab nations, including Oslo, because they only return some of the land to the Arabs.

For David Weiss, Israel will collapse sooner or later because it was based on racism, imperialism and terrorism.

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