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World Timeline III

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bullet1509:- Henry VIII becomes King
bullet1519:- The Spaniard Hernan Cortes arrives in Tenochitlan (now Mexico City)
bullet1519:- Magellan sets out with 5 ships and 568 men to travel around the world 
bullet1521:- Hernan Cortes invades the Aztecs (now Mexico)
bullet1521:- Magellan is killed in Philippines in the middles of his voyage 
bullet1522:- Only one ship and a few men returned to Spain after the first voyage around the world 
bullet1526:- Turks besiege Vienna
bullet1527:- Death of Niccolo Machiavelli 
bullet1532:- Spanish invaders, lead by Francisco Pizarro. arrive in Peru; by the 1570's the Incas become crushed by the Spaniards  
bullet1533:- Birth of Elizabeth I
bullet1536:- England and Wales unite 
bullet1543:- Birth of Francis Drake
bullet1547:- Death of Henry VIII and Edward VI becomes King of England 
bullet1553:- Lady Jane Gray becomes Queen of England for 9 days only
bullet1553:- Mary I becomes Queen of England 
bullet1558:- Elizabeth I becomes Queen of England 
bullet1564:- Birth of Galileo
bullet1564:- Birth of William Shakespeare in Stratford
bullet1565:- Spain founded the first permanent European settlement in what is now the United States at Saint Augustine, Florida. However, Native Americans had lived on the continent for thousands of years. 
bullet1558:- Elizabeth I becomes Queen 
bullet1588:- Spanish Armada
bullet1592:- Shakespeare becomes actor and writer 
bullet1596:- Death of Sir Francis Drake
bullet1600:- Birth of Charles I in Scotland
bullet1601:- The Poor Law gives some help to poor, old, ill and young people
bullet1603:- Death of Queen Elizabeth I
bullet1607:- The first permanent British settlement in America was established at Jamestown, Virginia.
bullet1616:- Death of William Shakespeare 
bullet1625:- Charles I becomes a King
bullet1627:- Aurochs becomes extinct
bullet1642:- English Civil War begins
bullet1642:- Death of Galileo
bullet1642:- Birth of Isaac Newton 
bullet1644:- Battle of Marston Moor in the English Civil War
bullet1649:- End of the English Revolution; King Charles I is executed
bullet1653:- Oliver Cromwell becomes "Lord Cromwell"
bullet1661:- Beginning of the Great Plague in Britain
bullet1663:- End of the Great Plague  
bullet1678:- Palace of Versailles built
bullet1681:- Dodo becomes extinct
bullet1690:- William III wins the Battle of Boyne and invades Ireland 
bullet1703:- St. Petersburg founded
bullet1707:- Act of Union between England and Scotland
bullet1720:- Invention of the steam engine
bullet1727:- Death of Sir Isaac Newton 
bullet1737:- Birth of George Washington 
bullet1756:- Britain defeats France in Canada and India
bullet1756:- Birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
bullet1769:- Captain Cook discovers New Zealand and Australia 
bullet1769:- Birth of Arthur Wellesley Wellington 
bullet1770:- Birth of Ludwig van Beethoven in Germany
bullet1770:- Birth of William Wordsworth 
bullet1775:- Birth of Joseph Mallord William Turner 
bullet1776:- America becomes independent when the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence at Philadelphia.
bullet1779:- The world's first cast iron bridge is built in Coalbrookdale in England
bullet1781:- Uranus, the first planet discovered by a telescope, is discovered by William Herschel 
bullet1781:- Birth of George Stephenson 
bullet1783:- The Montgolfier brothers in France build the first hot air balloon.
bullet1789:- French storm Bastille; start of the French Revolution
bullet1789:- George Washington becomes President of America 
bullet1791:- Birth of Michael Faraday
bullet1791:- Death of Mozart  
bullet1793:- Britain declares war on France 
bullet1799:- End of the French Revolution
bullet1799:- Death of George Washington. "First in war,  first in peace and first in the heart of his countrymen."